Chinese Problem Solving

Hah, finally, the first entry about my life in China! Actually wanted to start with all the weirdness that’s been going on so far but since THIS happened to me today I guess I gotta tell you guys bout Chinese problem solving first.

We all know Chinese people do have a different way of solving problem which often involves simply neglecting them but sometimes results in very interesting solutions.

Our bathroom drain hasn’t been working properly lately so that every single time you would shower (of course the maximum time for hot water would be 12 minutes) the drain wouldn’t drain the water fast enough so that not only the entire bathroom but also the connecting corridor up to the rooms would be flooded. Lucky me it stopped about 20cm before entering my room.

Nevertheless this remained a problem we had to solve so my flatmate called people to fix it. Now in old-fashioned, conservative Europa guess what we would do? Right, clean the drain. Chinese solution?

BUILD A FRIGGIN DAM IN FRONT OF THE BATHROOM TO BLOCK THE WATER!!! Can you believe that??? I mean it’s creative as hell but why would you even bother in the first place? Maybe cause you’re Chinese, I honestly have no idea whatsoever.


Drain fixing




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