New Year in China

Ok…so here it comes. Chinese New Year. A post I didn‘t really wanna do but kinda feel obligated to. You might wonder why – well, it just – at least compared to the western world – wasn‘t that interesting or special. At least in Taiyuan.

So I‘m not sure if this only applies to my experience but doing countdown in China doesn‘t seem to be that important – at least nobody I knew was really doing it. Instead there was a Danwei (company kinda) celebration where they did a whole bunch of songs, sketches and dances (look at the video) which was really fun – or could have been if I‘d understood the jokes. Kinda requires you to understand Chinese well, though. So jokes on me.


(Chinese dance, pay also attention to the foods)

Also had to chant a German song, since they surprised me with this request the only thing I couldcome up with was „Winterwind“ from „Frühlingserwachen“ – you guessed it, a musical. Not very traditional or German but at least good to sing acapella.

Funny about it was especially my thank-you gift – a salad bouquet! Literally! And a huge box of cleaning whatever (I‘m most probably never gonna use because I have to idea what it‘s really for).

One thing I really like about China is the kind of snacks they put up on such events: In our case mandarins, shelled peanuts, bananas, sunflower seeds and candy. So you can always make a decent choice. Try finding those things in Germany on a normal festival!

New Year‘s day (the 1st) I celebrated with a colleagues family. Apparently the only special custom is going shopping on New Year – which we did. But aside from that it‘s really nothing special. Typical Chinese family gathering: getting food, talking (or listening in my case), shopping, dinner. Though the did make the 饺子 (Jiaozi, Chinese dumplings) themselves which was really neat.

饺子 (Chinese dumplings)

So thiswas my absolutely unspectacular (but I suppose pretty typical Taiyuanese) New Year. Yeeeehaaa^^


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