Coffee in China

Being in China, especially in a very Chinese city like Taiyuan can put any coffee addict into a serious withdrawal – especially of good coffee. For months I‘ve been dealing now with Nescafé instant coffee and coffee mix drinks. However, even using normal coffee here is very difficult since coffee machines are either not known or ridiculously expensive (or cost like 80 €).  Also even if you get coffee here you NEVER find ground coffee – always only the whole beans. Great thing, except that buying a grinder will cost you another 30€ – so not really an option. Fortunately – God bless my parents! – I got at least some German coffee from German CARE packages.

So it took me a long time to receive at least something similar to a coffee machine. Unfortunately with this small thingy from Vietnam (given to me by a really nice Chinese colleague) it takes like 30 min to make even ONE coffee, not to talk about doing it on a regular basis.

Vietnamese Coffee "machine"

Coffee shops have been a rather depressing experience so far (especially since they tended to not have any good mixes like Hazelnut Lattes), my only salvation being the occasional visit in Beijing.

BUT – I found a really good coffee shop yesterday! It‘s called Maan Coffee and is kinda like the Chinese equivalent (first stores in Beijing) to Starbucks. The food is western (haven‘t tried it, yet, though) and the coffee is…so amazing. Absolutely on the same level as Starbucks! You even get a teddy bear instead of a receipt when waiting for your coffee and the interior is also really comfy! So I‘m really happy to say that after this really long time I finally found a decent coffee shop in Taiyuan!

Carpe diem, gonna get some coffee now! 🙂

Maan Coffee


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