Professional Clapping and Efficient Clothing

Aww, it‘s been a while, but never mind. Found some new TiC stuff I gotta write about^^

So we are all aware that Chinese people are some of the most pragmatic folks you‘ll ever meet. Trust a Chinese person to find the most pragmatic solution to any given problem, even if it‘s friggin ridiculous.

So I went to this firm event of a friend  of mine where they celebrated their achievements of the past year (with looong diashows, Chinese just love that and many companies are like family to them) and of the next year. Because of  Gangnam Style performances, theater sketches, belly dancing and many emotional speeches (always introduced by some epic movie soundtrack like PotC) they had to do a whole lot of clapping. That‘s tiring after 3 hours. So with which kind of solution would the come up? Right, clapping devices. Literally. Small plastic hands that make clapping sounds when you shake them. Yep, for real. And you know what‘s the weirdest part about it? Call me 老外 but personally I found it easier to just use my hands since you need a whole different muscle group to use those and it gets tiring as well. But TiC.


Second thing I discovered when we went shopping. So you know those moments when you gotta appear professional when you gotta tuck you shirt in and it just keeps getting back out? Well, lucky us, the Chinese folks found a solution for that. However, I‘d rather keep dealing with the problem itself than this inner voice that keeps telling me last time I opted for this solution was 20 years ago…

Baby Style;)


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