Date of Expiry in China

So one of those things I‘ve been wondering about for 5 months now is the system of the date of expiry in China. Not that I would‘ve actually asked a Chinese person because 1)keep forgetting to ask when I‘m in a store, 2) not ready to invest at least 30 min talking about this topic till both sides understand what the other one means, yet and 3) can keep making crazy assumptions 😉

So the thing is that so far I‘ve bought only twice (!) milk here that hasn‘t already expired, only once it was actually supposed to last for three more days. All the other times it had already expired for a month or two. I‘m not sure how it works in other countries but at least in Germany it‘s illegal to sell expired stuff. I mean, sure, you can buy it, let it expire, and it‘s still gonna be drinkable but you wouldn‘t find those products in German supermarkets.

So I figured by now that this works differently in China, apparently. I suppose you‘re taking that risk upon yourself the moment you buy the milk because I‘ve also seen specific milk sellers who would offer you fresh milk – emphasis on fresh which usually means it expires that day or has only expired for a day or so. Weird concept since you‘d be getting a discount for products like that in Germany but in comparison to 2 months old milk a good deal, I suppose.

Expired Milk

So if I‘m so sureabout everything, why writing about it? Well, even I noticed that Chinese supermarkets would be restocking either everyday or every week, depending on their size. So it still leaves me in awe to see that they‘re basically restocking their products ONLY with expired stuff – I checked the whole selection! Now while I do get that sometimes you‘re gonna have left-overs and it‘s actually a quite ecological concept to sell it anyways I do not get why they wouldn‘t give Chinese customers the opportunity to get fresh milk in the first place. Especially the milk in this picture you can‘t find in the fresh milk department so I‘m wondering by now if they‘re deliberately waiting for those products to expire and put them there. I‘d really like to hear that reasoning but TiC…


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